Sunday, December 29, 2013

Important information for Yumsters!

Happy holidays Peeps!
Just an update: I've been experiencing major issues with this blog, most notably because I am having trouble renewing my domain name. I'm certainly not a computer geek, but I do know my fair share, and let's just say that many bad words have escaped my lips over the past few weeks trying to give money to Google to let me keep the address "" Hey Google, take my money, please!
So, if you're a regular reader, please set your bookmarks to to avoid uninterrupted candy deliciousness. I hope everyone had a sweet Christmas!
(Pictured above is a Candy Cane Peep that The Connection snagged from Santa in Times Square. I surprisingly liked it; the chocolate on the bottom was thick enough to give it some heft and the peppermint was a nice addition to the marshmallow.)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas fun!

If you've been nice, chances are you'll find some of these in your stocking this year. I think these are just the cutest little chocolates. They're Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares with white chocolate Christmas trees, Santas and snowmen. Fun gift for teachers, mailmen or your favorite candy blogger!