Monday, May 10, 2004

I heart Canada

It's a groovalicious day full of sugary goodness. Betsy went to Montreal and brought me back the motherlode: one box Glossette raisins, one Mr. Big, one Kit Kat chunky, one Aero (milk chocolate), a Wunderbar and yes, yes, one glorious, delicious, crispety, wafery Coffee Crisp. Can you say Amen?!


Nicole said...

If your on the west coast or heading there anytime soon you HAVE to check out west vancouver's new candy store, "Frankies Candy Bar". Its located in Dundarave and they have the best selection of bulk candy. So fresh just talking about it makes my mouth water for some. They also have wicked novelty candy stuff and these cool Donkey Balls from Hawaii the name alone makes you wanna buy them! Candy from all over the world. I am in HEAVEN!

patti said...

Donkay Balls...what a great name! What could they possibly be? I'd definitely have to buy some.