Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What's new?

Well, I finally finished my article for the trade magazine on chocolates and confections. It was good fun and I learned a lot. Like what, you ask? For one, why organic candies aren't as visually explosive as the mainstream equivalent. One company I talked to, College Farm Organics, makes lollipops and hard candies. According to Libby Moyer, the marketing/sales manager, they would love to make bright greens and blues and pinks, but it's just not possible because there aren't any organic ingredients that produce those colors. Another problem is white. She said they'd love to make candy canes, but typically titanium dioxide is used to create a bright white. The closest they can get with organic ingredients is a light beige. Who knew?

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cybele said...

Did you get to try any of the College Farm candies? I really liked their lollies. I want to give their cream candies (toffees?) a try too.