Monday, May 23, 2011

Clodhoppers for dessert!

I realize I've fallen way behind in all matters candy-related. My apologies. Number one, I've been really busy writing about all things edible except candy, and number two, I've got to say, there hasn't been much candy news that's jazzed me lately. Is it me, or is something going on? Is there some sort of candy dry-spell happening? Did all the fun candy get raptured when we weren't looking? Where are the new products? The oldies-but-goodies? The Sweets & Snacks Expo is happening later this week in Chicago and, while I won't be going, I'm hoping that some fun things pop onto the candy scene.

Actually, one fun thing did happen last weekend. We were up in Vermont and having dinner at Ninety-Nine. The kid's meal came with dessert, and one of the options was a package of Clodhoppers. These little bits of graham cookies mashed up in chocolate are made in Canada and they are a rare find. I was psyched to see them on the menu. I managed to stash them in my bag before the Sugar Baby knew what was going on. (For the record, he busy devouring everyone else's desserts.)

And speaking of the Sugar Baby, did I show you what I made for his class? A giant Rice Krispy Treat! The kids were surprised that it was so crunchy. See, that's why homemade RKTs are so much better than the prepackaged ones, which are much too soft and squishy. The perfect RKT is crunchy, a little crumbly and chewy. Yes, I could've eaten that whole 5 myself.

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