Saturday, October 04, 2003

And now, for my official State of the Union address.

Well, I really have nothing to say, actually. Instead, perhaps, I will wax poetic on some candies I have known and loved in my 33 (vomit) years on this earth.

-Munson's Jordan Crackers. These little dainties were the bane of my existence when I worked there. They were these little long, pointed cookies covered in either milk or dark chocolate. Strangley enough, I prefered the milk in this instance. But they're sooo, sooo yummy. Mmmm. Chocolate covered cookie. I used to hate when people would order them because they were so light that it would take a million of them to make up a pound and then I'd have to refill the tray and they had to be all nice and couldn't just dump them in the tray.
-Charm's BloPops. I love these. Particularly the traditional cherry flavor. The gum would always turn hard as a rock after two chews, but it was more the initial contrast of hard candy vs. chewy gum that I liked. The only problem with them is that they sometimes have cracks in them that'll destroy the top of your mouth. Ouch.

Oh crap...I'll have to finish this post later. I just realized it's already 2:00 and I have to take a shower before bringing PJ to the Episcopal church for the blessing of the animals. I'm hoping to get the devil exorcised out of him.

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