Saturday, September 23, 2006

How do you eat a Kit Kat?

Here's one of my earliest candy memories. I was at the grocery store with my mother and there was a little girl in front of me at the checkout. Her mother had given her a Kit Kat, so she unwrapped it and proceeded to chomp right into it. I remember being horrified. You don't bite into the whole candy bar! You break off each finger one at a time! Is there anyone out there who doesn't break off each piece before eating it?
I have a very specific ritual for Kit Kats. Break off a finger and, using my bottom teeth, I take all the chocolate off the sides. Then I separate the top layer from the rest and eat it, then shove the rest of the piece in my mouth. Continue this way with the other three fingers. My favorite part is the sugary stuff in the middle.


Jamdin said...

I break off a bar before taking a bite of it. I then let the chocolate melt in my mouth before separating the wafers. I don't rush when I eat a Kit Kat.

patti said...

That's the beauty of eating a Kit Kat-- you purposely don't rush. So good.