Monday, March 05, 2007

Hello Dolly!

This, my friends, is why we should all have access to British candy. Dolly Mix is the quintessential "candy" candy: fun colors, different shapes, unusual flavors. When I think about Willy Wonka, this is the kind of stuff I imagine.
The first piece I ate was one of the little black bears. I had assumed it would be licorice, so boy, was I surprised at the flavor. It took me forever to place it. Violet? Nope. Something tropical like mango? Nope. Finally it came to me. Black currant. So unexpected yet a wonderful surprise. Next up was one of the round yellow pieces. It was lemon, but not in a typical too-sweet lemon way. It was funky. I liked it. The little square pieces are strange. I think the brown one is chocolate with coconut. This is the candy I've been looking for for my next series of paintings. I can't wait to do some huge canvases of Dolly Mix!


Anonymous said...

Yey, people who dont like dolly mixtures are clearly insane. Theyre great! I love that the are all different flavours. Totaly addictive.

AC from UK

Jeanna Olson said...

I wonder if I can find it at the Irish store? I thought it was like licorice Allsorts when I first saw the pic. Sounds worth a try.