Friday, March 09, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, What You've All Been Waiting For!

This, dear readers, is a Sherbet Fountain. It took me a while to open it because I was afraid of it, and I couldn't figure out how to eat it. Perhaps there's a reader from the UK who can tell me if I did it right or wrong, because I still have no idea.
First, the presentation is a little strange because the licorice "straw" actually hangs outside the cardboard tube package. That seems mighty unsanitary to me.
When you open it, there's a bunch of white powder inside. So there's the question: do you lick the licorice and dip it into the sherbet? Are you supposed to add water? (I eventually did and it turned into a fizzy, soggy mess, so I can't imagine that was the right thing to do.) The powder itself is pretty good-- fruity/creamy like sherbet with an acidy fizz, like the center of a Zotz. Surprisingly, the licorice taste goes well with it.
Has anyone else ever tried one of these? Please share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

*giggles* the licorice sticks out the top so as it looks like the wick on a stick of dynamite, or atleast thats what ive always thought. You had it right the first time, you lick it and dip it. No water required.

AC from UK

Anonymous said...

As previous anon said, don't add water. I usually just chuck the sherbert into my mouth as I don't like licorice. Makes for fun foaming at the mouth, perfect to pretend you've been bitten my something rabid.

B Menadeva said...

Haha.. I also bought it and had no idea how to eat it.. still have it and actually found your blog when asking on google "how to eat a sherbet?"

I ate the licorice stick, but still have the white powder..

Anonymous said...

NO Water needed! dip and lick is what you do with it. Are there really U.S. Candy that you DO add water too ?!
Tink, UK

Anonymous said...

Lol NO adding water! I've grown up on these giving the licorice to other people because I don't like it. But you were right to start with -the ideal is to lick n dip but me n my friends don't do that we just down the sherbet! adding to the foaming at the mouth one anonymous said its fun to take loads in your mouth n blow if the winds going away from you outside. Impressive smoke appears :P It's a habit for me and my friends to buy a shandy and a sherbet to eat then drink... it's an interesting combination.

Swervie said...

Man oh man - I should have read this review before I did mine. Obviously - great candy minds think alike.

This candy is just so weird. It makes me think that I could make candy for a living...and really - I absolutely shouldn't be doing that.


Su said...

haha =) a lot of people just pour the sherbert straight into your mouth even thought you're supposed to dip it. These are so nostalgic!