Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Candy Corn Cordials: The Perfect Pairing with Halloween Candy

My pal Marisa pretending that this is her first drink of the night
We did it! We actually made the Candy Corn Cordials after trick-or-treating. A couple of friends from the old chocolate store days came over and we reminisced about all the good times (stuffing fudge in the toilet, fighting over who got to wait on Nut Bark Man, watching the "new kid" shove cases of candy out the back door to his friends ...) while sipping our cordials.
I let the candy corn soak in vodka in the fridge for about five hours. The candy corn disintegrated, thus turning the vodka a lovely bright orange. I strained out the solids using a coffee filter, then added the Grand Marnier, lemon juice and egg whites. (I'd read a review that said the egg whites were essential for the frothy nature of the drink, but frankly they just grossed us out.) How did they taste? Actually really good, but nothing at all like candy corn. They tasted like an orange/lemon martini. I'm going to experiment with some ideas for Christmas. Chopped up candy canes seem like an obvious winner. Maybe, though, I'll try ribbon candy. Any other ideas?


CandyProfessor said...

We did these too! I had to pretty much force everyone to take a glass, but once they tasted it, they were begging for more. Lucky for our livers, I only had enough liquor for one batch! I didn't read the recipe, so I neglected to soak the candy corn for the recommended time. But it turns out that if you "infuse" the candy corn while you're out trick-or-treating, when you come back it's ready to go. So that's even better in a way. Looks like you had a blast at your party too, Halloween is the best!

Carol said...

I saw a Sandra Lee show on food network last year about a holiday party with YUMMY holidayish cocktails. You should check her out.

Amanda said...

Infuse your vodka with some ginger candy. Mmmm, delicious with lime juice. I love infusing vodkas with flavors like ginger and peppermint.