Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa, Why the Blank Stare?

I figured it was time to get into the Christmas spirit, since, you know, Thanksgiving is almost here. I wouldn't want to get behind the trends and all. I decided my Christmas cheer would take the form of a Russell Stover Coconut Cream Santa. I can't say as I've ever seen these before, but it may be just because my affection for coconut is a relatively new thing.
Here it is. One chocolate-covered "Santa." Methinks this is akin to a Fudgey the Whale cake-- they've got to use this mold for other holidays. It could be a mummy for Halloween or a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. You can't really claim it's a rabbit, but maybe a chick for Easter. Maybe I'll buy a bunch of these and add some details for the annual Wombat Day celebration.**
What would you re-package this as?

**OMG. I just realized I forgot to celebrate Wombat Day this year! For some reason, I always think it's in February. Darn!

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Carl Weaver said...

Funny. That sure doesn't look like Santa when you remove the wrapper. I bet it's every bit as tasty as the real thing, though.

I worked with a woman who used to work at a Carvel store in her youth. The whole office was upset to learn that Fudgie the Whale was the real Santa. It's almost as if she said Tom Carvel was the real Santa.