Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'll Take the Truffle, But Hold the Attitude

It's been a crazy, candy-themed kinda day around here. We started off early by painting egg carton cups to look like candy. (I did candy corn; the Sugar Baby did a chocolate-covered cherry.) Then it was onto the mall where I was cashing in on the birthday freebies. First stop: Sephora, for a free make-up kit, then over to Godiva, where I begrudgingly shared my free Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle with the boy. Let me tell you, it was pretty incredible. It was a dark chocolate shell, dusted with powdered sugar and had a gooey chocolate inside. One of the best truffles I've ever had, I believe. (But really, these Godiva people have *got* to quit it with the attitude. First of all, it's chocolate, not gold. Second of all, they're the ones working there. I'm the one buying. If anyone should have an attitude, it's me. But that's not the way I roll.)
The best candy story I'll save for tomorrow. In the meantime, my new computer battery has arrived, which means I can start posting pictures again! Hooray! Enjoy this goodie from Necco-Door Neighbor Big Tony. It's a kiddy menu from Howard Johnson's, circa 1961. My favorite is the "Miss Muffet Lunch": Petite Vegetable Plate, Bacon Strip, Roll and Butter, Ice Cream, Sherbet or Gelatine. 75 cents.


Ice Cube Queen said...

wow! I remember that menu from Howard Johnsons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't we all wish that those were the prices today?

Rodzilla said...

to me, that type of snobbery at a Godiva store seems out of place. It's like having a hauty waitress at the cheesecake factory.

Candy Yum Yum said...

I just wish I could order vegetables and bacon! Haha!
Rodzilla, EXACTLY!

jMo said...

Hey Patti, like the new look. Happy Birthday, Lava Truffles sound like quite the scene. Sampled some beef truffles last week and it was surprisingly good.