Tuesday, January 18, 2011


There's a fancy little "grocer" a few towns over that sells ridiculously over-priced goods that you can get for a few bucks cheaper at the more plebian grocery store down the street. While places like this generally turn me off, I have discovered the true beauty of this place: their bakery. I haven't tried any of the big things, like the cakes or pies, but the individual pastries have all been delicious and astonishingly reasonable. Take, for example, this Cowboy Cookie that was $1. Made with oats, coconut, toasted pecans and chunks of chocolate, it was well worth every penny. All one hundred of them. I wrote it about it here.


Electric Fire said...

I need to get my hands on one of these cookies!

Amanda said...


Candy Yum Yum said...

Thanks Amanda!