Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the scenes at Lindt!

This weekend I went up north to visit Kristina-formerly-of-Florida-now-from-New Hampshire. Mission: find a wedding dress. But who cares about that? The real news is that Kristina works for Lindt, so we got to do some fun things, like:

Check out the Gold Bunny Car! (I suggested she use this as her "going away" car for the wedding)

And, of course, taste some chocolate! After dinner, we did a sampling of some Lindt Excellence bars. (Which, I learned, are pronounced "Eck-sell-ahnce." Ooh lala.) We tried Intense Orange (which I've been anxious to try; I didn't realize they contained almond slivers as well), Black Currant and Chili. We also sampled a bar from their Passion line: orange and pistachio with milk chocolate. It's nice to see a bar with pistachios in it; that's almost as rare as finding a black currant-flavored candy in the U.S.

Kristina trusted me enough to send me home with cases of chocolates for her family and friends. I did have to pull over on the way home to take a break and yes, dig into a bag of chocolate eggs. Hey, at least I kept it all in the trunk so I wouldn't be too tempted.

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