Thursday, April 14, 2011

Candy News: Giant Tootsie Pops (sort of) and Grape Pop Rocks!

Two items of note popped up in my e-mail this week. The first that caught my attention was this: Giant Foot-High Tootsie Pops to debut!
I was like, wow, that's pretty cool! Turns out, though, that it's a 12-inch-tall lollipop-shaped CONTAINER that holds 10 assorted-flavor Tootsie Pops. Nary so exciting.
The other item is that Grape Pop Rocks are coming back in honor of their 35th anniversary! Woohoo! What's scary to me though, is that not only do I remember grape Pop Rocks, but I didn't realize they weren't being made anymore. Apparently there's a gap in my memory there. Seems like just yesterday I was buying a pack of them. I can still feel the painful little snaps on my tongue.

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