Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Candy Update!! Candy Update!!
I've been OBSESSED with finding a Marathon bar for the past three years, ever since a reporter at the Minuteman asked me if I remembered them. They're those long candy bars, shaped like a chain, made out of chocolate-covered caramel. At first, neither one of us could remember the name of the bar, which sent me into a tizzy. Finally I uncovered the name. Now I've been searching for one but haven't succeeded. Until NOW! I have just found they make a British version called "Curly Wurly." It's the same as the Marathon, although it doesn't have the traditional ruler on the package. I feel good, though, that at least there's a reasonable facsimile.
A new candy product has been launched. It's called "Sour Flush." Get this--it's a plastic toilet, of all things, filled with sour powder and comes with a candy PLUNGER!!! And I thought Fun Dip was innovative.

I need your help. I'm in search of a candy bar I've not yet tried. It's called "Valomilk" and appears to be some sort of liquidy marshmallow covered in milk chocolate. If anyone can secure a Valomilk, I'll reward you handsomely. (Yes, I can order it off the Internet, but that goes against my candy-testing policy. It has to be purchased in a store.)

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