Friday, August 01, 2003

After lunch, had to have a little sweet, so I succumbed to the siren call of the "Walnut Whip." This candy bar intrigued me for several reasons: 1) I love the name; 2) It says on the package milk chocolate with a whipped vanilla center, but there's no mention of walnut; and 3) the shape. It comes in a pouch rather than a bar. It was a delightful surprise to open it. The Whip is shaped like a beehive and there were two walnuts in the bottom of the package. So here's the deal: You bite into the thick, chocolate casing and inside is a creamy white, whipped filling, very close to frosting. It's vanilla, but there's also a hint of walnut. What a lovely candy! This is what candy should be all about....delicious candy with fun names, not the crap they sell here-- gummi snot and candy spray paint and all that garbage.

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