Friday, August 15, 2003

LifeSavers changes its stripes Friday
By Theresa Howard, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — LifeSavers will announce on Friday a new flavor lineup for its classic, nearly 70-year-old five-flavor roll. Raspberry-, watermelon- and blackberry-flavored "O's" will replace the traditional orange, lemon and lime.

Pineapple and cherry will remain in the new rolls, which will be on sale next month.

The new flavors were picked in Web-based promotion in which nearly 2 million consumers voted from February through April.

The change is the first since the original five-flavor combination rolled out in 1935. It's a move to freshen the appeal and sales of the sugary, hard candies with a hole that have been losing market share to mints and bolder tart candies.

So here's how I feel. Personally, my favorite flavor is the pineapple, and I'd love it if Lifesaver made a roll of all pineapple. But then again, that might take some of the anticipation away. Too much of a good thing. I'm not much for the lime or lemon, but the cherry and orange are good. The thing is, the classic five flavors are just that...CLASSIC. Why, why is Lifesaver changing to these trendy berry and melon flavors? Why not make an additional five-flavor roll? It's perplexing. In any case, I'd say stock up now on the original five flavors. There's gonna be a market for them. You just wait.
While I'm on the topic of Lifesavers, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Spear-o-Mint ones. They're so addicting. At the Minuteman, my boss Cindy bought a big bag of them and put them in a candy dish in her office. Not only were they Spear-o-Mint, but they were also the chunkier variety. I think I ate the whole bowl that day. Pep-o-Mint can be refreshing, and Little Grandma loved them, but I can take 'em or leave 'em.

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