Wednesday, September 10, 2003

It's been a while...since I'm doing Weight Watchers again, I don't have the chance to eat much candy. In fact, I've been doing PAINTINGS of candy! I was inspired by candy corn, so I did a painting of three giant corns. Then I bought these yucky cappucino merengue cookies from Trader Joe's that looked pretty, so I painted them. Now I'm doing marshmallows. It's my homage to Wayne Thiebaud. I have a fantasy that I'll do enough paintings for an'll be called "THe Confection Collection" and there will be tons of candy at the opening.
Several months ago I went to "Wanda's Sugar Shack" in Milford. Turns out Wanda's an eccentric old lady with a little store where she sells all kinds of candy, including her own. I bought some chocolate dipped marshmallows from her...they were really gross though. Nothing can compare to a Munson's dark chocolate marshmallow, anyhow.
I'm going to Montreal this weekend, so I should be able to find some good European chocolate there, so Look for an update.

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