Sunday, August 10, 2003

Just got back from Washington D.C. where Joy and I shared a wonderful candy moment on the Metro. We were sitting across from a guy who reached into his CVS bag and pulled out a package of Starburst. Now, instead of tearing the paper away at one corner, this is what he did-- he snapped the package in half in the middle! Brilliant! The best part was when I looked over at Joy and she looked over at me and we both knew we were thinking the same thing. Ha! Joy, however, was bothered by the fact that now all the little Starbursts would be loose in the bag rather than all nicey-nice in the package. Something to consider.

Nick and Vin came over last night and Nick surprised me with something called a "Big Stuff Lip Pop." I'm not usually one for toys/candy (there's a word for that...what is it??) but this is really cool. It's like a pacifier--the part you stick in your mouth is a cherry lollipop. But then the outside (where the ring would be on a pacifier) is actually a funny pair of lips with teeth. It's quite funny. There's also a version that has braces on the teeth.

Oh--also in D.C. I went to a candy store where they had individually wrapped Circus Peanuts! While there, I got a Skybar. Haven't had one in years and years...and it was absolutely heinous. Joy had the fudge part, I had the peanut and vanilla and Claire had the caramel. At least Claire liked it.

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