Saturday, January 20, 2007

Candy time!

Two of my most favorite candy holidays are just around the corner: Valentine's Day and Easter. When I worked at the chocolate shop, these were the two worst holidays. Working during the week leading up to the actual day, you'd go home feeling like you were run over by a truck. I'd strip off my uniform of white pants, white shirt and burgundy apron and leave it in a corner of the bathroom because it was permeated with the smell of chocolate. (Certainly one of the best aromas to be stuck with, but still, after 12 hours of turtles and bark, you're ready for a big salad.) Working on Valentine's Day itself was always fun, though. That's when all the guys would come rushing in at the last minute, ready to drop enormous amounts of cashola on any candy they could get. One guy had us slip a diamond ring over a chocolate covered pretzel. Ah, love. The day before Easter was always the worst. Hundreds of crazed moms who'd get all pissed off when we ran out of Jelly Bellies and they'd have to buy the big, fat sugary pectin jelly beans.
So now the stores are gearing up for these holidays. I saw milk chocolate raspberry Hershey Kisses, which frankly sounded way too sugary sweet and artificial. I also saw miniature Reese's hearts, which I've never seen before. As for Easter candy, I saw Cadbury orange cream eggs. I love orange and chocolate, but I just could never get into cream eggs, so I'll leave those for someone else to try.

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