Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Want samoa?

I couldn't resist buying one of the 1oo Grand bars with coconut. Yesterday, I split a piece of it with a coconut aficianado. "You know what this tastes like?" I asked him.
"Wait," he said as he chewed. "Yep, just like a Girl Scout cookie."
Yes, the 100 Grand with coconut tastes just like a Samoa. The first thing I noticed about it was that the caramel seemed softer than in a regular 100 Grand. The toasted coconut kind of blends with the crisped rice giving it that cookie taste. Pretty good.
In other news, Hershey has said that it's going to cut down on its Limited Editions. Apparently they were good for drawing attention to the original candy bars, but not so good as overall sellers. But that Elvis peanut butter cup is still scheduled to come out this summer.

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