Monday, February 07, 2011

It's Spelled 'Liquorice,' Mate!

The children of the world enjoy liquorice from Australia.

Have you noticed that licorice is really hot these days? It seems like everywhere you look, there's another brand of licorice out there to try. Recently I was sent samples from Darrell Lea Soft Eating Liquorice. No, they're not trying to be all fancy-pants with the spelling. This "liquorice" is from Australia, and comes in Original, Strawberry, Green Apple and Mango. The first thing that surprised me about these were the size. I was expecting short little stubs of licorice, but instead found long tubes. One was plenty for a before-bed treat for the Sugar Baby.
The second thing that surprised me was the ingredient list. All of the flavors contain real liquorice extract and there are no artificial ingredients or colors. Huzzah! Our Australian friends know how to do licorice-- or should I say liquorice-- right! The flavors are bright and clean and have a nice balance between sweet and sour (for the fruit flavors) and the black licorice has that faint wheaty taste without too much salt.

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Carol Rood said...

Sounds Yummy!!!!
I have some friends (actually they are K's friends) who live in New Zealand. Now I know what to ask them to send me. :-)

Thanks Patti!!