Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jive talking

You might've heard about all the crazy snow we've been having up here in the Northeast. If memory serves me correctly, we've had five snow days since Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Crazy. Yesterday I had 2 1/2 precious hours to myself while the Sugar Baby was in school, so I went to the spa went to Costco, the dollar store and, for some unknown reason, Aldi's. Well, actually I know the reason. I made a wrong turn and ended up in the Aldi parking lot and thought, what the heck. Let me just go in. I've decided that place completely and totally creeps me out, but they do have some interesting candy. (At least from what I could see, thanks to the woman who parked her cart right in front of all the chocolate and couldn't be bothered to move it. Harumph!) In any case, I found two things of note. The first was a Route 1 Jive bar: "Crunchy biscuit topped with caramel and a creamy milk chocolate coating." Uh oh, chocolate "coating." But since it was only 49 cents, I figured what the heck. I love the description on the back of the wrapper:
"Candy bars are loved by millions worldwide. With so many made every year, they could easily stretch right across the USA-- all along Route 66!" Um, what? The bar is called Route 1 but now they're talking about Route 66. To further confuse, it's made in Germany. I don't pretend to understand. As for the taste, it was very similar to a Twix, although ever so slightly larger. These weighed in at 2.1 oz., whereas a regular Twix is 2 oz.
When I eat a Twix, I like to pull part of the caramel off the top with my teeth to reveal the little holes in the cookie part underneath. You couldn't really do that with the Jive. The top layer of cookie came off onto the caramel, so I couldn't tell if there were holes in the cookie or not. All in all, though, this was a pretty good candy bar, even if it was chocolate "coating" and for 49 cents, it was a bargain.The other find was a Choceur "Deliciously Crispy Peanuts & Flakes" (Rich Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Peanuts and Cornflakes). Now, you know how I feel about Ritter Sport Cornflake. It is my favorite candy bar of all time. So I was nervous to try this. Frankly, I thought the peanuts wouldn't be a good addition. But I have to say, this is a damn good candy bar. The combination of peanuts and cornflakes gives it an almost peanut brittle-like taste. I still prefer the Ritter, but then I did the math. The Choceur was $1.99 for 7.05 oz., versus the Ritter which is $2.69 for 3.5 oz. Clearly the Choceur is the better choice. I just wish Aldi wasn't so creepy.


Electric Fire said...

This post made me laugh. We don't have Aldi in Canada. I believe the closest one is in Buffalo. Next time I'm in the states, I'll venture into one. I'm dying to know what your definition of creepy is.

Candy Yum Yum said...

Well, I suppose "creepy" is subjective. If you go, please report back and let us know what you think!

BoPeep said...

I just tried the jive bar myself, found it while shopping at aldi's, it was only 29 cents here and since it looked like a twix I bought four of them...was looking up where the candy bar was made when I came across this. It's funny because I too like to eat the caramel off the top of a twix, I thought I was the only one. I actually did manage to eat mine that way, and yes they do have the holes in the biscuit like twix has in their cookie. I can't wait to get to aldi's again so I can buy more.

Kent said...

I shop at Aldi all the time their chocolate products are top shelf..

I don't find the Aldi chain of stores creepy at all I think people who shop there are sensible folks who don't pay for the advertising of the big name brands..

I jyust gave out a few bags of the Jive bars last night for Halloween and have enjoyed them for 2 years now.. Aldi opened 2 years ago here in Orlando, Fl and I have been saving over 35% on the cost of groceries ever since.

All their chocolate products are great.. My favorite is with Almonds..