Friday, February 18, 2011

Product of the Year!

This really doesn't come as a surprise, but M&M's Pretzel Chocolate Candies were named the 2011 Product of the Year in the candy and snacks category by Product of the Year USA. If someone were to ask me (and no one has, but that's okay), I'd say they succeeded on several different levels. One, I love the packaging. So cute. Two, who doesn't love pretzels and chocolate? An obvious choice for M&M; just surprised it took them so long! And three, they are a dieter's friend. At 150 calories per bag, you can have your daily dose of chocolate without the guilt. Congrats to Pretzel M&M's!


Rodzilla said...

I wasn't aware of these awards, so thanks for the heads up! I think crispy M&Ms are a fine choice as well.

Candy Yum Yum said...

I never met an M&M I didn't like! Yes, first time I heard about these awards, too.