Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lindt Vanilla White Chocolate Truffles

You don't run across vanilla candy too often. White chocolate, yes, but vanilla, not so much. Lindt, which makes superb milk and dark chocolate, has now entered a whole new territory with its Vanilla White Chocolate Truffles. A few weeks ago, I received a big, purple box with a pretty white bow.  I opened it to reveal lots of the new truffles. I was pretty psyched to try them. The Sugar Baby, however, was even more enamored with the box. "It looks just like a present," he said. Well, yes, I guess it did.

 Like their other truffles, these have a hard outer shell and a decadent, rich, soft inner core. Mr. Goodbar is the vanilla aficionado in the house, and apparently he really enjoyed them, because I watched the box dwindle pretty rapidly. I love the purple wrappers, which would make them really fun for a party or a wedding.

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