Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The rumors are true! Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars

There's big news in the candy world today. A few months ago, rumors started flying around that Nestle Crunch was going to come out with a Limited Edition bar incorporating Girl Scouts Thin Mints. People went wild, including me. I love Thin Mints, so much so that I can't have them in the house. I can down an entire sleeve in no time flat.
Well people, here's the announcement we've all been waiting for. (I'm giving it to you straight from the press release):

Today Nestle Crunch confirmed it has created the new Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars, designated “the world’s most valuable candy barsby the world’s largest auction house of collectibles, Heritage Auctions. Having officially authenticated the first set of the three limited edition Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars, Heritage Auctions has appraised the bars at $500, an amount almost 200 times greater than the bars’ suggested retail price -- making them the most valuable candy bars currently in existence.
The bars will come in three varieties:
·         Thin Mints™ – Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate crème, topped with airy crispies and a rich, dark chocolatey coating
·         Caramel & Coconut – Cookie wafers layered with coconut caramel crème and chewy caramel, topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with caramel stripes
·         Peanut Butter Crème – Cookie wafers layered with smooth peanut butter crème, topped with airy crispies and a creamy, chocolatey coating

Beginning tomorrow, May 9, you can log online to purchase the candy bars through a special, limited supply pre-sale program at www.Facebook.com/NestleCrunch while supplies last. After the pre-sale, the Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars will be available as limited edition candy bars this summer at participating retail stores nationwide, beginning June 1 through September.

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