Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do Ham and Cheese Sandwiches Come in "Fun Size"?

And now, some fun memories from Betsy of Stamford, Connecticut:

Here are my favorite halloween memories...
... almost as fun as halloween itself... the night before where we rang the neighbor's doorbell at least a dozen times, called out derogatory remarks about the kid down the street and tried to scare Mrs. Worth as she walked her dog Cobber around the block.
... the excitement of rushing through dinner cause you knew you could get dressed right after and your friends would be waiting to run door-to-door around the neighborhood and up to the rich people's houses near the sheep field.
... one year, dressing as a mouse and collecting candy for my brothers and older sister who all had the chicken pox
... waiting at the back of a pack of kids while they received quarters, only to get to the front in time for the wife to rush up with ham & cheese sandwiches that she threw together since they ran out of candy and were quickly running out of quarters!!
Happy Halloween!

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