Monday, October 23, 2006

How do YOU eat candy corn?

I don't think I've ever bought a bag of candy corn for myself. I have some every year, but I always seem to get it from other sources, particularly my mother's candy jar. I really like it, but it's just not one of those things that I think, "I have to have some RIGHT NOW!"
Why corn, though? It doesn't really look like corn. But it is fun to eat. Oh sure, you can just slam a handful in your mouth. But if you're a true aficianado, there are other methods, such as nibbling off one layer at a time. (If you're a layer-nibbler, then there's the question of which kind of candy corn you prefer: the orange, yellow and white or orange, brown and white.) Then there's the type of person who just can't resist jamming two corns into their teeth and making like Dracula or a walrus.
I think the best way to eat candy corn, though, is on a cupcake from a grade-school bakesale. A yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting and a single candy corn on top. Huzzah!


pam said...

the brown ones are a travesty! :)

(i'm a layer-eater.)

Sophia said...

I eat layers. Orange is my favorite, white is very bland, and yellow I have no real opinion on. This means I ADORE those mallowcreme pumpkins which are fully orange. It's cool when there are only two layers, because usually this means lots of orange (never had one that was just white and yellow, probably because they're less likely to skip the layer they put on first.

Flavored candy corn bugs me. I haven't tried those reindeer things, but I hate the 'Indian corn' things. Chocolate is great, but chocolate-flavored anything tends to stink.

Anonymous said...

I like to take two candy corn and put one on each side of my mouth inside and sink down into them slowly. I like the White Yellow and Orange ones.