Friday, April 20, 2007

Fight for your Rights!

Who could ever imagine that chocolate would become a hot issue? Well, it is folks. A big kudos to Cybele at Candy Blog for bringing our attention to the FDA's latest plot. To sum it up in the simplest of terms, candy manufacturers don't want the FDA to impose a definition on "chocolate," thereby allowing them to use cheaper ingredients. What does this mean to us? It means-- hold onto your hats-- that we'd likely be seeing more of that cheap, waxy, giant-bag-for-99 cents-"chocolate" being used in our favorite candy bars and less real cocoa butter/chocolate liqueur yumminess that we love. Think about it: you know how Canadian and European candy bars just taste better? It's because they have to keep it real. We should have to do the same. So take a break from your candy worship today and send a note to the FDA, okay? There's a quick way to do it here.

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