Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New inventory!

I've added an international flair to my candy cabinet. I've lived in this town for nine years and it was only last week when I finally ventured into a little Polish store about a mile down the street. It was really cute and I was amazed by the candy selection. I decided to start with the candy that looked most accessible to my American palate. First, there's the Tropic Banana in Chocolate ("+ banana extract").
Well, it's interesting. First of all, the bar is shaped like a banana, which is kind of cute. Biting into it, the texture is very firm, like a jelly spearmint leaf or orange slice. Here's the thing: the banana flavor is pretty darn accurate. It has that same slightly sour twinge of a banana, rather than the usual artificial sweet banana flavor used in other candies. And the texture makes it almost seem like a real banana. The drawback here is the chocolate. It's gritty and cheap. If this filling was coated in real dark chocolate, it would be pretty amazing.

Then there's "3 Bit," which has a sticker in English describing it as "biscuit in cream filling with milk chocolate." I have no idea what the third says but the English description is "milk chocolate bar with creamy filling." And last is the European favorite, Kinder Bueno, which, believe it or not, I've never had. So I have some tasting work ahead of me. I'll report back.


Sera said...

Ooohh, you'll LOVE the Kinder Bueno. That's a stellar bar right there! :)

nicole said...

I came across this trying to find a place to buy 3 bits! They were my favorite when I was living in poland for 18 months. Too bad i haven't found a place to buy them in seattle... Enjoy!