Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Wombat Day!!

I guess I'm not sure if Wombat Day really exists or not, but thanks to for the graphic and the information. Here's a description of this most festive holiday:

Wombat Day is typically celebrated with lots of chocolate and Wine Gums. For those unfortunate individuals who live in areas where Wine Gums are difficult to obtain, ju-jubes can be substituted. Often a chocolate cake in the shape of a wombat is the centerpiece of an evening party in which wombat songs are sung, and wombat stories and folk tales are told. In some areas, the secret wombat dance is also performed. Afterwards, the wombat cake is divided among the guests, and large quantities of Wine Gums are consumed. Sparklers and fireworks usually end the celebration.

Stay tuned for a full report on how I celebrated Wombat Day 2007!


The Ice Cube Queen said...

Ok, so I hope you're happy....I marked "Wombat Day" on my 2008 calendar.......just one question...what are wine gums???

Binky said...

Wine Gums are much like Jujubes, but are chewier and usually have a stronger flavor. They're of British origin, and can often be found in shops that sell British or imported foods.