Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Boxes, Little Boxes

One of the things Marisa brought back for me from Japan was this long cello-wrapped package containing a bunch of little boxes of candies. It was so fun and cute that I hated to spoil it by opening it. Kind of like the fancy little soaps shaped like acorns that have been sitting in my bathroom for about three years except now the Sugar Baby has discovered them and has been carrying them around all day.
The first two I decided to try were Meiji "Marble" and "Choco Baby." The Marbles (if that's what they're called; it's the only English word on the label) tasted just like British Smarties. The Choco Babies looked like they had survived a rough night or two. (No doubt they did, traveling with Marisa.) These were little candy pellets that, well, I really don't know what to say about them. They were too small to really get a taste out of, but the Sugar Baby loved carrying the two boxes around and shaking them. He did make sure to tell me that each made a different sound. Apparently he's learning something in school or on Sesame Street.
Next up will be something pink. I'm very excited.


Julian said...

looks like

Orchid64 said...

Those are "marble choco" in Japanese. I've never tried the Choco Baby candy before (despite having been here for 20 years!). Now my curiosity is piqued. Meiji's web site doesn't mention anything except "milk chocolate", so it's hard to know what they're supposed to be like. Maybe they're just teeny tiny bits of chocolate?

Now, I'm probably going to have to review them to find out. ;-)

Candy Yum Yum said...

Orchid, send me your thoughts when you try the Choco Baby!

Candy Yum Yum said...

Thanks Julian! That's exactly what I have.

Orchid64 said...

After a long time, I've finally got around to sampling Choco Baby. I've reviewed them (and several other items from the same assortment pack) here:

Yours look so much worse for wear than they're supposed to be!