Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweet Treat of the Week: Bluebird Candy Dish Co.

These days, it’s a rare treat when you find something that’s unique. Do you ever feel that way? As much as I love the Internet, it sometimes feels like there’s nothing new under the sun. But then I found this: Bluebird Candy Dish Co.

What a great idea for a gift—a candy dish filled with candy! I contacted the owner Maggie Wickes, a former attorney, because I wanted to learn more about her business.

“The company is named for the bluebird skies of Colorado,” she said. “I moved here in the fall of 2008 from the East Coast and instantly fell in love with the clear, bright blue Colorado skies and the beautiful sunshine. I wanted the company name tied to Colorado since it was here that I first contemplated the near extinction of the candy dish and decided that I wanted to bring it back.”

The website features all kinds of candy dishes, from whimsical to stately. You can choose your dish by style or by color. Then you can also pick which kind of candy you want to fill it with, everything from pink gumballs to white champagne jellies. “I love the old fashioned ribbon candy,” said Wickes. “We will be selling ribbon candy in pink, blue, lime green and yellow for spring which I am really excited about.”

As for the dishes, Wickes said the Margaux-Louise candy dish is the top choice. Wickes describes it as a covered candy dish, shaped like a carousel with a bubbly design, and reflects the color of its candy contents. It comes in Stem Green, White, Aquamarine and Canary Yellow. “The White has been especially popular, particularly for engagement gifts,” said Wickes. “The Anouk is also a customer favorite. This candy dish is reminiscent of a plastic zipper bag -- so clever!”

Wickes herself collects antique candy dishes. “I have always loved their intricate details and bright colors, plus they remind me of visiting my grandparents in Bedford, Indiana, as a child.” With friends and family scattered throughout the country, Wickes thought a candy dish would make a great gift for any occasion. “Everyone seemed to either be buying their first place, getting engaged or having a baby. A candy dish paired with treats was the perfect gift for all of these occasions. I love giving this gift because while the sweets can be enjoyed now, the candy dish is a lovely, lasting gift that adds a fun element to any decor and will always remind the recipient of this happy event in their lives.”

While the company is still in its honeymoon stage (Wickes started it in 2009), things seem to be going well. “Bluebird perfectly combines my love of glassware and its history with my over-active sweet tooth,” she said. “While I always enjoyed practicing law, I was thrilled to embark down this entrepreneur avenue. The hours are essentially the same (around the clock!) but I love every minute that I devote to Bluebird Candy Dish Co. and that has made the switch simple.”

Certainly it’s only a matter of time before word spreads about Bluebird Candy Dish Co. No doubt Martha will be ringing up Wickes soon enough.


Necco Door Neighbor said...

What a sweet idea! I'm sitting here thinking, "why don't I put out a pretty candy dish, filled with candy?" And the reply quickly follows, "because we'd EAT it!" But I love the bluebird site and giftability aspect.

Pam Walter said...

What a great site and such a clever idea. Makes me want to hit the antique stores and scout for dishes!