Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Addendum to Stix in the Mud

Yesterday I wrote a post about Funley's Stix in the Mud and noted that they are an all-natural candy. What I failed to notice was that the photo I used was from their old formulation which, apparently, wasn't all natural. (I had taken my own photos, but alas, my camera is being wonky again. If anyone would like to contribute to the Candy Yum Yum Cure for Bad Photography, please note that I accept PayPal as well as cold hard cash.)
So I've posted a picture of the Stix in their new, au naturel formulation.
Also, I need to back track on my comments about the peanut butter Stix. I had one tonight and I thought, "Wait a minute. These are really, really yummy." Forget what I said about having to live up to a Reese's. These do a good job all on their own. A nice balance of sweet and salty, and that mysterious crunch. Quite delicious indeed.

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