Sunday, April 11, 2010

Psychic PEZ Dreams and Other Such Facebook Gems

You might remember my pal Jody from Sweet Treat of the Week. She was the one who risked her life for a Hershey bar and lived to tell about it. Well, she posted something on Facebook the other day that just begged for more detail. It all started with this:

"Last night I dreamed that for Halloween my costume was a FUNCTIONAL PEZ dispenser. I dispensed "to scale" (that is, huge) PEZ candy. It seemed like such a brilliant idea, but now that I'm awake it seems sort of dumb. And difficult."

I needed to know more about this dream, so Jody graciously answered my questions.

CYY: What do you think brought on this dream? Have you been eating PEZ? Do you collect PEZ?
Jody: I have not been eating PEZ. However, I think I've seen some in the store recently.

CYY: What type of character were you in the dream? A bunny PEZ, Hello Kitty, witch, truck?
Jody: I'm me! It's a Jody PEZ!

CYY: Was the giant PEZ going to be edible? If so, would you have made it from scratch? What flavor?

Jody: Yes it was going to be edible. However I was not going to let anyone eat it. I was going to make them give it back to me so I could dispense it repeatedly.

CYY: Would you have made your children dress up as tiny PEZs?

Jody: Yes, when my children were at an age when I could have made them do things, I would most certainly have made them dress as PEZ. However, now they are both taller than I am and I refuse to be bullied.

CYY: Could you sketch a drawing of what you looked like in the dream. (Okay, I know this is pushing it.)

Jody: Yes, I'm scanning something and will e-mail it to you.

I'm bummed that you can't really see this picture because it's quite a sight. The first picture shows the PEZ costume; the second shows how the candy is dispensed; and the third is an X-ray vision of how Jody would actually wear the costume. As you might imagine, she got lots of comments on this, including this gem from another former Sweet Treat of the Week, Kris:

"Because I'm reading this prior to my first cup of coffee, until I saw the X-ray vision, I was thinking a costume FOR PEZ. Which is really an equally brilliant idea. I mean, just imagine if you had different costumes for your Batman PEZ! It would change the whole experience."

Well ladies and gents, guess where I went on Saturday? To the Northeast Candy Collector Expo, which largely consisted of PEZ collectors and guess what? I have some exciting news to reveal to you. But it will have to wait until tomorrow, because I have a lot to say and many pictures to go with it. I need some time to let my thoughts gel. Stay tuned.


Ice Cube Queen said...

Ummm....Madame Yum Yum....your last paragraph begins, "Well, ladies..." I think you MUST have 'gentlemen' readers, too!!!!!!!!

Candy Yum Yum said...

Oops! I stand corrected!