Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PEZ: Screw the Candy. It's All About the Toy

This weekend I did the usual-- cleaned the house, drank a lot of wine, went to a PEZ convention .... Well, actually it was the Northeast Candy Collector Expo, but about 99 percent of it was PEZ-related.
First off, let me say that these PEZ collectors were the nicest bunch of people. I've been to all sorts of trade shows and conventions and expos, and I can easily say these were the friendliest bunch of all.
There's a lot that can be discussed about PEZ. It's interesting that it's known as a "candy," but the collectors really just want the dispensers. The candy itself-- little compressed tabs of sugar are fine, but you never see anyone just chowing down on a packet of them. They're always eaten within the vicinity of a dispenser. I have some ruminating (haha) to do on the whole PEZ thing, but for now, I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking.We knew we were in the right place when we saw this in the parking garage.

The most expensive PEZ at the show: a "Make a Face" PEZ made in the 1970's. It was recalled due to choking hazards. This one, because of the black wig, is from Europe and valued at $2400. If it was still in the original packaging, this baby would bring in a cool 4K. A die-hard PEZ fan and his ink.

There's a whole world behind PEZ collecting... what makes one more valuable than another. Here, a bagful of "Tigger + Eoor Eoor Mistakes."Bad picture, but I had to include this. This is a special edition big PEZ, "New York Goes to Hollywood." Apparently this is (was?) a reality show on VH1 and this chick is Tiffany. "It's like a slutty 'Bachelorette,'" said Ernie K. from Lancaster, PA. (He doesn't realize that's an oxymoron.) "I don't know why PEZ made this," he said. "It's something PEZ shouldn't be doing. She doesn't reflect PEZ because she's a mean gal." (Note to self: follow up with the PEZ company on this.)

Going to a wedding any time soon? Forget doves and hearts. Wrap your gift (a New York Goes to Hollywood PEZ, perhaps?) in this "Bride and Groom" PEZ wrapping paper. Old Skool PEZ.
Got some mad sewing skills? Check out these bolts of PEZ fabric. (Wedding dress, perhaps?!)

This little dude is named Sam and at the young age of 7, he already owns over 300 PEZ. He never eats the candy (well, sometimes), and his Yankees PEZ is his favorite.

And now ladies and gents, the big reveal. The moment you've all been waiting for. My surprise for PEZ Jody: Yes indeed, these are PEZ costumes! Here we have a French maid with shoes and water pitcher and a nurse with medical kit and shoes. I was so psyched to try these out on a Mickey Mouse PEZ, but then I discovered that they didn't fit because my PEZ had feet. You see, some PEZ have feet, some don't. I don't know why. (Another question for the PEZ people.) You'll just have to imagine how groovy these would look on Ernie or Bert.

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