Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Treat of the Week: Jody Mace!

Hey Yumsters! Once again, it's time for our Sweet Treat of the Week. Today, we have Jody Mace (1 of 6 on Facebook, but number one in our hearts). She's a freelance writer and editor of Charlotte on the Cheap, a great website for those of you living in the Charlotte, NC area.

What is your favorite candy?

Cadbury Dairy Milk, made in the factory in the UK . Not Cadbury you get in the U.S., which is made by Hershey's. We lived in England for two years and twice we went to the Cadbury World, which is the best place on earth. When you walk in they give you a bag to hold all the chocolate they give you the rest of the tour. My second favorite candy is Cadbury Curly Wurlys which (I'm almost hyperventilating now) are caramel, covered with chocolate and twisted in sort of a really long braid. When you bite them they stretch really far and little flakes of the chocolate fall off and melt onto your hand and you lick them off. I need to take a breath now. On this tour at the very end, after you've been eating all this chocolate you go into this big room and they hand you, I kid you not, a little cup of melted chocolate. It's a challenge: How much can you take? When does chocolate start tasting bad? The answer: never.

Share with us a childhood candy memory.

When I was about seven, the boy across the street, Michael Horowitz, who was a year older, told me it was ok to walk to the 7-11 and get Hershey's bars. This walk involved crossing a four lane road. When I got home my mother was shocked and angry that I had gone on this dangerous journey. The fact that Michael Horowitz had said it was ok apparently held little weight. She asked me if it was worth taking my life in my hand for a Hershey's bar. How does one even begin to answer that question?

What's your favorite fruit flavor in candy?

None. I am a chocolate purist.

Which do you prefer: gummies or hard candy?

See above answer. Although I do like mint Life Savers.

What is your favorite candy holiday?

We don't celebrate the major holidays because we're Jewish. So we have matzoh instead. All of a sudden this sounds like a rotten deal. However we do observe the "Day After Easter" holiday when the bunnies are 50% off.

What's the best? Milk, dark, or white?

I'd feel so virtuous if I could honestly say "dark" but no. Milk, milk! A thousand times, milk!

Circus peanuts? Yay or Nay?

No. Actually I don't know. They don't appeal to me now, but I know I ate vast quantities of them as a kid so they must have had some redeeming quality. I also ate a lot of those little buttons that you peel off the paper, and the colored sugar that was in the little paper tubes. None of those seem so great anymore.

Thanks Jody! And Michael Horowitz, if you're out there, you owe Jody an apology. And a case of Hershey bars.

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Kris Bordessa said...

I am SO going to start celebrating the Day After Easter for those half off bunnies.

CB said...

Ick. I always absolutely despised circus peanuts, but my late grandfather loved them, so whenever he came home from work(while I was living with him and my grandmother) or came to pick me up(when I was living with my other grandparents), he would always have a bag of those, and I would share them with him.