Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mr. Green Jelly Bean!

I love how last week's Sweet Treat Kris mentioned the joy of sifting through your Easter basket grass to find one last treasure. Just the mere mention of that brought me back to my childhood, when I'd sit on the floor with my basket and just look at everything. I'd arrange it-- jelly beans here, chocolate rabbit there, malted milk eggs in a pile-- and then I'd rearrange it. The big coup was always finding one more black jelly bean hidden in there somewhere. It was the only flavor I liked.
I have a feeling that the Easter Bunny has been kind of negligent about the Sugar Baby's basket because there's just so much candy around here all the time. I'd better send him an e-mail and make sure he remembers to hippity-hop this way.

1 comment:

Ice Cube Queen said...

Just a thought........I always put a toothbrush in with all the Easter candy!!!!!