Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cherry Lemonade Life Savers and Good & Fruity: eh.

I've been wanting to try the newly-released Good & Fruity ever since it was released, well, a while ago. It didn't get the greatest feedback, so I kept putting it off. But with an impending road trip, it seemed like a good choice.
Then I also spied these Cherry Lemonade Life Savers (and Strawberry Kiwi, too) and thought, hmmm, that sounds good!
What can I say? Both were just eh.
The G&F definitely were not like the classic G&F of my childhood. I remember being able to bite off the sugary shell to expose the chewy center; you couldn't do that with these.
As for the Life Savers, they reminded me of something but I just couldn't place it. Finally, in the middle of the night, it came to me: they taste like Pez. They have a fruity flavor but that same crunchy, not-quite-chalky texture. In the end, my candy choices were not an appropriate road trip food. The box of frosted shredded wheat, however, turned out to be a success, as did the Tupperware container of grapes. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

a life saver is a life saver!
Forget the cherry lemonade...
Its a big disapointment.

Anonymous said...

I bought 1 bag each of Cherry Lemonade and Strawberry Apple Lifesavers and put them in a bowl on my desk. I am the receptionist for a construction/engineering firm and was struck dumb by the number of men who fell in love with these flavors. I have the Wint-o-green mints up here too but they just adore the new flavors. Way to go, Lifesavers!!!!