Saturday, April 25, 2009

May is Celebration Month at Candy Yum Yum!

Okay Yumsters, I need your help. I have two important dates coming up and I'd love your input.

#1: The Sugar Baby's 3rd birthday. I'm going with an alphabet theme. I'm thinking either a cake shaped like his first initial or cupcakes with a letter on each. What do you think? Also, any other alphabet ideas are welcome.

#2: My Blogoversary! I can't believe it. This month Candy Yum Yum will be 6 years old! Athough technically I'm counting it as five since I didn't post anything the entire year I was pregnant. How should we celebrate?


Pam Walter said...

I love the cupcake idea for #1. If you're really ambitious, you could decorate each one differently. For #2, how about you send us all free candy?

Anonymous said...

i like the cupcake idea also...then we can play obscene spelling games with them

i'd love to see a spot on liquor / candy what should i be munching on with a nice glass of box cabernet or my colt 45 tall boy?