Sunday, April 05, 2009

The m&m Mixmaster (And the Easter Giveaway Winner!)

I really should start carrying a notebook when I go to dinner parties, because invariably the subject of candy comes up and I get some great stories. Unfortunately, several bottles of wine later, I've usually forgotten what those tales were.

Last night, we stayed out past midnight (!) with some lovely writerly people and learned this gem from one of the guests: he always keeps a little candy machine full of m&ms on his desk. Big whoop, right? Lots of people do that. But here's the twist: he mixes different types of m&ms together. So when you go visit him and pour yourself a handful, you might get a plain, a peanut, a dark and a crispy. I have never, ever thought of mixing different types of m&ms together. What a concept!

He said he started this after 9/11, when a grief counselor suggested that he provide chocolate to his young reporters who had to deal with the grim business of contacting families for information. "Chocolate heals" was the thought.

Now, eight years later, he still keeps a full stock of m&ms for passers-by, although one person in particular stands out: the man who would pick the peanut m&ms out of the mix and throw them out! What a travesty!

So tell me, dear Yumsters, have you ever mixed your m&ms?

And speaking of m&ms, the randomly-chosen recipient of the Easter m&m giveaway is ...
Pinkscrapaddict! yay! Please contact me asap so I can get your Easter goodies out to you in time.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their favorite Easter memories. And keep coming back. I have another giveaway coming real soon!


philly said...

congrats to Pinkscrapaddict ^___^

I never mixed M&Ms before :o I don't like my foods mixed :P If I eat soup I always eat things in order XD All the carrots first, then the celery... I have a friend that only eats the red and pink M&Ms ^_^

alliecat said...

i like to mix plain m&ms with peanut m&ms. yum!

J said...

I haven't mixed M&M's... but used to mix the plain ones with reese's pieces... ;o)