Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hard Times, Even For the Easter Bunny

From a reader:

Dear Ms. Yum Yum,
I didn't know who else to turn to! I need to get this off my chest. (I'm still shaking my head in disbelief as I write this).
I have just emptied my sons' Easter baskets from their afternoon egg hunt with their grandparents. The baskets had the empty eggs and in a separate bag was a bunch of loose candy. I'm assuming that the candy that was in the separate bag came from the empty eggs. Well, I opened the bag.... the majority of it was unwrapped pieces!!! The horror! But, wait! It gets better. Amongst the few jelly beans (loose) and Super Bubble Gum, Starburst and Kisses (these 3 were wrapped) were loose (& unwrapped) Valentine (!!!) Conversation Hearts!!! Valentine Candy at an Easter Egg Hunt???? I'm even questioning the kisses since they're wrapped in red and say Huggables....What's with the Easter Bunny this year??? I know things are tough, but really Mr. Easter Bunny, Valentine candy??? The kids haven't a clue, but what will the parents think (and do)?I can only hope that tomorrow's baskets will be filled with some fresh candy treats for my boys. Happy Easter Ms. Yum Yum and thanks for listening.
~ A Reader

Dear Reader,
I'm not quite sure what to say. Times certainly are tough, but Valentine's candy? That is shocking! Your letter reminds me of the time a certain little boy got an Easter bunny in his Halloween candy. (Imagine if they were the same person? That would certainly be traumatizing.) This is a disturbing trend. I have high hopes, though, for their baskets. I'm sure he won't let you down. Please keep me posted.
Peeps & pastel kisses, Madame Yum Yum

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