Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweethearts: The Twilight Candy is Here!

Okay Yumsters, settle down. We've got a lot of ground to cover on this one. Yes, indeed, I have here before me a package of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Forbidden Fruits. This will be a totally unbiased overview, despite the fact that I'm still waiting to receive my Necco Yum Yum heart. (Don't make me beg, Mr. Krause. Pleeeeease.)


This is perhaps the smartest thing Necco (maker of Necco wafers and Conversation Hearts) could've done. Frankly, I'm surprised that Hershey or Nestle didn't latch onto the Twilight licensing. (If you're one of the six people in the country who don't know what Twilight is, it's a book/movie about vampires with morals. The first book, in my opinion, pretty much sucked, but I'm currently reading the final book and I have to say that Stephenie Meyer really got her act together by the end. This book is really good. And-- as a side note-- Stephen King, you shouldn't go picking on other horror writers. Just because you've figured out a formula doesn't make you any better than she is. I think you're just jealous. But I digress...).

Necco somehow got the rights to the Twilight licensing, and so they've released these candies. First, let's look at the box. There's the picture from the movie poster with Bella and Edward and the other vampires. It's nicely spooky. There are also illustrations of the candy-- hearts that say, "Dazzle," "Bite Me," "Live 4 Ever," "Lamb" and "I love EC." Some of the candies are drawn to be all sparkly, like they were doused in glue and sparkles for a school project. Not really what you want out of a candy. Then, next to the hearts it reads: "Secret Scent Rub to Reveal..."

Okay, this is where I'm totally confused. Rub what? The candy? The box? Only certain candies? Help me, Necco people! I don't understand!

On the back of the box, there are four hearts with their corresponding flavors:

Orange: Orange Obsession
Red: Tempting Apple
Purple: Passion Fruit
A different red: Secret Strawberry

First up, orange. This actually has a nice, bright, citrusy flavor. Good job!
Apple. It's pretty good. Not like Jolly Rancher green apple; more like another apple that I can't place.
Passion fruit: Sorry, it's just nasty. But then again, I don't like passion fruit. To me, it tastes like dead flowers.
Strawberry: Tastes like Play Doh.

Now, the main draw of Conversation Hearts is the pithy little sayings they have stamped on them. This should be the case here, as well; however it looks like something went a little wacky at the factory because most of them are really hard to read, especially the sparkly ones. The one that I could read the easiest said "Forks," which is the town where all the vampire action takes place. Hardly the most romantic saying.

Lastly, let's take a look at the ingredients. Sugar, corn syrup, artificial and natural flavors, blah, blah, blah and-- get this-- Pearlescent Pigment. Whoa mama! Exactly what is pearlescent pigment? Or perhaps the better question is, what is it made out of? Any guesses?

So, what can I say? Teen girls will love these. As for me, well, I might've found it in my heart to *really* love them, if only I had a giant Yum Yum heart to call my own. As it is, they're just okay.


Renee True Potter said...

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Ice Cube Queen said...

WE WANT THOSE IN FLORIDA!!!!! Where's the contest to win a box?!!!!
Can't wait to see what other Twilight candy comes out!

Anonymous said...

yumm!! we need some in new zealand!!

send us some??