Thursday, March 10, 2011

Half-Price Chocolate!

How can you not love this? At Groupon, this offer (scroll down the bar on the right side of the page; available throughout the U.S.) is $10 for $20 worth of goodies from Not only do they have chocolates (including way too cute chai chocolate Buddhas), but also cakes and cookies. Check the fine print for all the details.

UPDATE: Now that I've ordered my Groupon, the heat is on. Do I selflessly use it to buy someone a lovely gift of chocolate? Or do I totally splurge and use it all for myself? There are 201 pages of chocolates under $30. How can you even decide?


Carol said...

OOOOO! I am going to check my Groupon now! Thanks for the heads up Patti! LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

Rosa said...

The J Emmanuel wine truffles that they sell are really good!