Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lindt & Wine: Say no more

Plastic Lockable Brick Man (non-TM) suggests a Lindt truffle for your after-dinner sweet

Back in the days (you know, the 20-something days when life was all wine, cigars and knowing everything about everything), we did a winery tour with friends. All I remember is that it was lots of fun and that, at one winery, the winemaker gave us each a little piece of dark chocolate to nibble with our red wine. He explained how they balanced each other out, how the bitterness in the chocolate brought out the fruit in the wine. It was a fantastic combination. Oh yes, those were the days.
That memory was spurred on by a new contest that Lindt is hosting. At you can enter to win a wine tasting trip to California or lots of other prizes. The website also offers wine and chocolate pairing suggestions. The one suggestion that really sticks out to me is their Excellence with a Touch of Sea Salt paired with Riesling. Really? I would never have put those two together, so now I'm intrigued. I'll put it on my to-do list for this weekend.

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Wow, that Lego man looks like a surreal/abstract Papa Smurf!