Monday, June 25, 2007

Bar None is back! (And other candy news)

Well, not really. But the new Nestle Crunch Crisp is pretty damn close to the Bar None of my memory. I first heard about this new bar from William at Chocolate Obsession, where he described it as the "horrific love child of a Nestle Crunch and Kit Kat." Love that! So I had to try it. Oh YUM! It was crispy wafers and chocolatey cream and crunchy stuff. It's not crunchy enough to "feel" like a Nestle Crunch and the chocolate cream pushes aside any Kit Kat references. I really dig this bar. I will admit, though, that I tried it after a few glasses of champagne, so it could be that I'm totally off-base. Guess I'll just have to try it again to be sure.
In other candy news, apparently Dum Dums are having a contest where you can enter to have a lollipop flavor named after you (or your kid). I can't think of any "H" flavors to go with Henri, though.
And this is pretty exciting, although it's not candy-related: the banana Twinkie is back! Apparently this is the summer of banana. I thought Twinkies were going to be discontinued for some reason, but I guess not. I haven't kept up on the news. But I have a vague recollection of banana Twinkies from when I was a kid, although naturally I always preferred a Chocodile, which was a Twinkie-like cake covered in chocolate.


Candy said...

Wow, I cannot believe there haven't been any posts!!! Shame-shame!

Anyhow, it is Bar None that we are inquiring about - any news on the reemergence of this candy bar?

From my understanding, it would make many people quite happy. Well keep on the candy-drive :)

Candy said...

Where have all the posts been?

Has anyone heard anything on a possible Bar None return?

Anonymous said...

Who do we have to ambush in an alley to get BAR NONE back? WHY did it leave in the first place?
Show us how to get it available again..and NOT those 2 little bars!