Friday, June 08, 2007

Guest Review!

Well thank goodness someone is on the ball. Alexandra stumbled upon the British section at the grocery store and had to give the KitKat Chunky a try. Here's here review:
Looks just like the smaller bar, inside & out! (But will it taste as yummy? Let's find out!) Looks can be deceiving -- sometimes good things come in small packages, sometimes not. The idea of having one large KitKat to enjoy enrobed in lots of milk chocolate seemed like such a good idea. After giving this KitKat its photo op, I took a bite, and another. Yes, it tasted just like the smaller ones, but there was something about it... there was more chocolate covering the wafers - could this be a bad thing? The wafers seemed okay, but was there an extra layer or 2 in there? Too bad I didn't have a small bar to compare with! As much as I enjoy a yummy KitKat every now and then, I couldn't even finish this one! It was almost too chocolately and the wafers lost their "airyness" in such a large size. I think I'll stick to the small package with the 4 break-away bars.

I totally agree, Alex! There's just something inherently "KitKat" about the fine balance between chocolate and wafers. KitKats are one of those bars that just shouldn't be messed with. A fresh KK is probably my favorite candy bar.

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