Friday, October 09, 2009

We've Been Booed!

When we arrived back from the Great White Autumnal North last weekend, it was already dark and we went in through the garage door, rather than the front door. Good thing the Necco Door Neighbors sent us a message on Facebook to check the front porch. Surprise! There was a bottle of champagne for my birthday, along with an apropos magnet of a reclining woman saying, "I love not camping." Huzzah!
But in addition, we were "Booed!" Apparently this is a burgeoning tradition that parents of little ones have been fostering over the past few years, although I'd never heard of it until now. Here's what you do: you sneak up to the neighbor's (or friend's) house, decorate it with spooky spider webs and what-have-you, and leave a bag of treats. In this case, the treats were a box of Chewy Lemonhead & Friends, some Hershey Kisses and assorted spiders, stickers and tattoos. And a binder decorated with mushrooms (because, you know, the Sugar Baby is obsessed with mushrooms). This was all done by my Partner in Crime (PIC), who I'm going to New York City with tomorrow for the Great Candy Extravaganza. (I'm so excited I'm jumping out of my skin.)
Anyhow, my PIC said she got the Lemonhead & Friends for 4 cents at CVS. They were 90 percent off.
Believe it or not, I've never had Chewy Lemonheads (nor the Friends). Holy schmoly! I love them. Chewy, sour, similar to Sour Jelly Bellys. (But at 4 cents, a whole heck of a lot cheaper.) Today the Sugar Baby got a hold of the box and started shaking it, thus sending a spray of chewy Lemonheads all over the floor of the bathroom. Sadness ensued. But the pending excitement of New York is enough to keep me going.


CandyProfessor said...

Have a great time in the city! Can't wait to hear what you find.

Pam Walter said...

It sounds like you have been blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends!

Anonymous said...

We've been BOOED the last 15 years. Our entire neighborhood takes part. Its a lot of fun, and the kids love dropping off the goodies and playing "ding, dong, ditch". The evil Walmart even sells "BOO" kits.

Candy Yum Yum said...

I have the BEST neighbors and friends!