Friday, October 02, 2009

Trident Layers: One Hit, One Miss

Trident has a new gum line, Trident Layers, that come in two flavors: WildStrawberry&TangyCitrus and Greenapple&Goldenpineapple. I mailed some samples to the gum-tasting sector of Candy Yum Yum and here's their report:

The gum-tasting von Schokolats have tasted again. The gum sent to us this time by Madame Yum Yum was Trident Layers Greenapple + Goldenpineapple. I thought this gum wasn't that bad. The gum wasn't really sour but kind of had a boring taste. It had a really strong pineapple taste that overpowered the apple taste. Gretl thought that the gum tasted like a body mist that she uses. The Baron said that he liked this gum and the Baroness said that the gum was sour and yucky but it got better as you chewed it. She also thought that the pineapple taste overpowered the apple. This gum looked very pretty. It was a yellow piece of gum that had a green stripe in between the yellow.
The second gum we tried was Trident Layers Wildstrawberry + Tangycitrus. I thought that this gum was very sour and tough. The taste reminded me of medicine and the second layer tasted gross. Gretl thought that the gum was sour and tasted good. The Baron criticized this gum as just gum and nothing special while the Baroness liked the gum and thought it tasted like strawberries after you had chewed for a while. This gum starts out hard and gets softer as you chew. The gum looks really pretty. It is pink with a red stripe in the middle.
Yours truly,
Liesl von Schokolat

So there's the official review from the gum crew. Now here's my two cents: I really liked the Greenapple&Goldenpineapple. The pineapple taste was prominent (which is why I liked it), and only got the apple taste after chewing for a while. It was fruity, juicy ... a delicious gum!
The Wildstrawberry&Tangycitrus, however, was a different story. The first taste I noticed was musky strawberry, then cool mint, then zippy citrus. I couldn't help but think of the "three-course dinner" gum from Willy Wonka. I would certainly choose this over tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie gum, but on its own, it just isn't for me.
So there you have it. Will you like it? You'll have to try it for yourself.

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CandyProfessor said...

Thanks for so many perspectives on the new gum sensation. Wow, that sounds like a lot of flavor action. I'm not sure this is a gum that would be safe to chew while walking, but maybe my gum-loving DD could try it while we're riding the subway. Whatever the flavor, I'm sure it will taste better than her hair, which is her default chew-toy when gum isn't around!