Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Idea #2: Dove Peppermint Bark

This review comes to you courtesy of the Sugar Baby. The folks at Dove send me a little red bag filled with their holiday Peppermint Bark and Caramel Promises.
"You know what we have?" The Sugar Baby keeps saying. "Peppermint Chocolates!"
Yep, these are the Special Treats of the Week in the Candy Yum Yum house. They're a layer of dark chocolate and a layer of white chocolate with crushed candy canes. What's not to love? So I suggest you fill a giant candy dish with them for your co-workers.
I do have one bone to pick, however. Inside each wrapper is a holiday hint from none other than Martha Stewart herself. The very first one I opened said, "Parsnips and Brussels sprouts make a hearty side dish."
Okay, I do not need to have my chocolate experience interrupted with visions of parsnips and-- perhaps the world's worst vegetable-- Brussels sprouts. Talk about being a wet blanket. Fortunately, some of the other tips were more palatable, like "A simmering pot of stew will warm up any occasion." Hahaha, that Martha. She's brilliant.


Amanda said...

I have been hunting in my local grocery for these and haven't seen them. Woe! I love peppermint bark.

Madison said...

Hi Patti and Amanda!

I work with DOVE Chocolate and we are so excited about our NEW Martha promises. They are available at local drugstores as well as at some Target stores. To check out all of the flavors they come in visit For the latest and greatest on DOVE be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Happy Holidays,
The DOVE Chocolate Team
Twitter: Dove_Chocolate